1. Hiking is a global sport that has been practiced since our ancients learned how to walk. Depending on where you live in the world, you "hike", "trek", "ramble" or "bushwalk". (I use these phrases interchangeably below.)

2. Trekking is an age friendly activity. You can set your own pace. And, as long as we can walk, we can hike!

3. Rambling is a fun activity to do as a family, with friends, or make new friends! You're sure run into lots of friendly hikers on the trail. I sure have!

4. Hiking is fantastic exercise. It is cardiovascular activity, with deep breaths of fresh air refreshing the lungs. In addition, the sport helps reduce body fat, and strengnthens balance.

5. Bushwalking provides us an avenue to explore nature and the beauties of the natural world.

6. Hiking can help us live longer! Regular hiking (like other exercise), can help to prevent heart disease, decrease cholesterol levels, improve bone density, and most of all, reduce stress. A ramble outdoors can easily take our minds off the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

7. Trekking is the best sport for the environment (assuming we follow Leave No Trace principles).

8. Hiking can be done with minimal equipment. All you need are a good pair of boots, the appropriate apparel so you stay comfortable on the trail, water, and a pair of trekking poles if you like hilly climbs (and you want your knees to still work when you're older!)

9. It can be done close to home!

10. It's free!

Source by Carol W Roberts