Whether you are planning a summer camp or planning on going to summer camp, it is a good idea to have a plan of action. As a camp coordinator, you have to plan events, activities and entertainment for the participants. There are many themes you can come up with, but to get the most participation out of a theme you have to make them sound fun and attractive. Remember that camp is about fun and enjoyment. As a camp participant you want your stay at camp to be enjoyable and something that will create memories of a lifetime.

When coming up with ideas for activities you need to know all about the facilities and their accommodations. Do you have a gym, baseball and football field, or a place to implement these types of games? Do you have hiking trails, lakes, rivers, boats, canoes, swimming, snorkeling or diving? You should have all this information available to you as to be able to fulfill a complete and full schedule for your participants.

Now that you have the information on what capabilities your facility has you can start making your plans. First you have to make the decisions on what type of activities or events you are going to do. Play games, cooking, nature hikes and exploration, mystery excursions, and so on. After you have come up with everything you are planning on doing, you then need to name your events. To name your events, you really need to be creative. You want to make the sound fun and exciting. But at the same time you do not want to over glorify the names as to lead to disappointment to the participants. You need to pick a name that will make the participants excited to participate without giving false expectations on what the program is all about.

Say if you are going to have an outdoor cooking activity, you need to come up with a unique name for it. Let’s say something like, Cooking In The Wild. Now that you have your theme, how are you going to implement it? Would you make burgers on the grill? What would you call them to give it some excitement, Survivor Burgers, after the television show Survivor? It takes a lot of time, planning and creativity to make any event a success.

I have listed some ideas below that could be a theme for an event along with a suggested description of what that event might entail.

Wonders of Nature

For this event you might want to venture into insects, rodents, land formations, mosses, trees or birds. This type of event of has many options to choose from.

All Stars

For this event you would set up sporting games. Be if football, basketball, soccer, water balloons, Frisbee events and what ever other activities in the sporting them you can come up with.


This is an event that could be set up on the television series “Survivor”. You can set up treasure hunts, obstacle courses or play a creative game on survival.


This event name could be for your water adventures. You could play water volley ball, canoeing, swimming competitions, diving competitions or snorkeling.

A Day In The Knight

This event could be geared to learning about knighthood. You could get out the turkey legs and maybe play some knight games.

American Idol

This event since it is so popular on television would be a great event for the participants. They could all have a singing competition and let the participants be the judges.

The Red Light Special

This event could involve the Police and Fire Departments. They are usually more than will to volunteer their time for events with children. If there are K-9’s they could give a demonstration. If there is a rescue diving team they could also give a demonstration. I would try to be more original on this event as most schools already have the police and firemen come to visit them on fire and protection issues. If they have access to the survive alive house, see if it would be possible for them to bring is also.

Around The World

This event could involve learning other countries customs. Another great idea for this would be to have the participants make some ethnic foods and sample foods from different countries.

Pick Your Star

This event could involve some astrology and learn the constellations. Each participant could also pick a star that is their own, giving them a certificate of ownership.

The Sweet Tooth

This event could involve children’s favorite foods. They might make cakes, cookies or candies.

So as you can see, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into the implementation of setting up Summer Camp themes. But with due diligence you will get the job accomplished and the participants will have a great time and something they will remember for a life time.

Source by Dean Kordon