Birthday parties are wonderful fun, especially if you can simplify the work and prevent overwhelm from happening. Here are a few tips that will make planning your child's party a breeze.

Make it a pizza party.

Making food takes up a lot of time. By deciding on a pizza party you eliminate a huge amount of work for yourself. Schedule the party in the afternoon at about 3 o'clock so that everyone does not come too hungry to the party. Buy your sodas previously and make sure to put them in the fridge the night before. After the pizza you can have cake and ice cream. Do not forget to buy enough disposable cups, plates and napkins.

Set up an outdoors swimming pool.

If you're having the party in the summer you can have a swimming party. Kids love to play in the water so it will be a blast. Have everyone brought a towel and their bathing suits. You can communicate this in the invitation. You might even want to make the party a Luau or Hawaiian theme. If you do not have a swimming pool you can always buy blow up pools and put them in the yard. Have lots of plastic beach balls for kids to splash around in. Play limbo stick and fishing games. Just make sure that everyone gets a prize and not the just the "winner". You do not want to have crying kids at your party.

Ask friends to help out with the kids.

Some parents have the age limit rule. This "rule" is where you can invite as many as the age you are going to turn. This makes things a lot more manageable but it also might hurt a lot of kids' feelings. It's really awful not to be invited to a party. If you do not want to limit the party then you can ask family members or friends to come over and help you. The guest list can be made of all of your friends with kids, and friends from church and school.

Do not require so much of yourself.

Whether you're having the party at your house or at Chuck E. Cheese the best thing you can do is relax. Take a deep breath. You do not have to have this in end all and be all. Sometimes we require too much of ourselves and end up getting frazzled and burnt out. Make the activities and the favors simple. Get stuffed animals on the theme of your party and place them around the room. You can make really cute goodie bags with candies, chocolates, coloring pages and marks.

Make sure your friends and family pitch in after the party to clean up too.

Source by Ginger Myers