If you are shopping for Christmas gift ideas for the hiker in your life you will find this very helpful. Here are Christmas gift ideas that are at the top of every hikers list.

Hiking Journal

A hiking journal can be a useful gift. They are small and lightweight and allow the hiker the ability to record information about their exploration. They can keep notes on who they hiked with, the trails they took, what the weather was like, and even and particular event that happened along the way. Having the ability to look back on notes about their favorite trails and what they experienced can be very helpful. Some journals even come with helpful tips and advice for hikers.

Digital Camera Binoculars

When the hiker reaches the top of the trail or the mountain they are usually rewarded with spectacular views. Binoculars that are also a digital camera can be a lot of fun and help to preserve the view forever. By combining two items into one it cuts down on the weight that has to be transported by the hiker.

A Light Weight All Weather Jacket

Hikers can never be sure what type of weather or temperatures they may encounter and as a result need to be prepared. Between canyons it can be cold and windy, out in the open it can be warm and at the top of the mountain the weather can be completely unpredictable. A light weight jacket that breathe and is water proof will be treasured by every hiker. Just be sure when purchasing to make sure you get a "water proof" jackets and not "water resistant."

Hydration Pack

When you ride or take long walks it is always important to stay properly hydrated. But you also want your hand free to carrying a bottle of water is not very practical. Hydration packs can hold more than just the normal bottle size of 22 ounces of water and they make great gifts for the avid hiker and there are many to choose from.

Hiking Poles

Hiking poles are not just for older hikers or those uncertain of their footing or climbing abilities. Everyone can benefit from them. Walking poles help with balance, make the hike easier on the knees and can actually help to speed up a hikers speed. Additionally, they provide a bit of upper body exercise. Make sure when ordering that you buy poles that have the ability to adjust in height.


No hiker should be without a GPS. These handy devices have really become more reasonable in price these days. A hiking GPS can tell you exactly where you are in terms of latitude and longitude. Models all vary, but many also tell distance walked, how fast your pace has been, distance to the end. Some also show a map of your route and where you are on the map. These can be very handy for the avid hiker. Just make sure you buy one that is design for outdoor use, they are different than those designed for cars.

Source by Mark S Myers