If you are trying to noticed and win at the college swimming recruiting game, you need to read this article. This article will give you a specific strategy that can give you a clear advantage over your competition.

The Edge You Need

How exactly do you get an advantage in the world of college swimming recruiting? You need to take make sure the coach knows your name, what your accomplishments are, and most importantly…how you can help his or her swimming program. It’s just that simple.

I talk with a lot of high school athletes who are trying to make it to the college level. I am always amazed at the number of athletes who are not being recruited on their own, have taken no steps to help themselves be recruited, yet they still think they will play somehow play their sport at the college level. I always hate to tell them the truth, which is that it will most likely not happen.

Contacting Coaches

If you are a superstar swimmer and the whole world already knows about you, being recruited is not a problem. It’s going to happen. For everyone else (the majority), you have to come up with some method of letting coaches know about you if you want to win the college swimming recruiting game.

You need to develop an athletic resume to tell coaches about your accomplishments in the pool. You then need to send your resume to coaches along with a personal letter. This contact is your first step to getting coaches to notice you and hopefully start recruiting you.


College swimming recruiting works just like college recruiting in all sports, the athlete who gets the most exposure to college coaches…wins! Make sure you market and promote yourself and college coaches know who you are!

Source by Gary V Hawkins