FishVille is a game type simulator that is developed by the same team that brings you Cafe World (Zynga). The goal of this game is to make your dream aquarium, nothing more really.


If you ask me, FishVille is not really much of a game and more like a past time pet simulators. I mean, keeping a dog and cats is a wonderful idea, but fish? Well it is not really a bad idea once you give the game a try. Zynga does provide a good way for most people who do not have time or the patience to keep real pets. Thumbs up for Zynga on the fish idea!

First we look into the gameplay, you started off with a small fish tank which you are provided with a few credits to buy some fish eggs and also a fish food. Once you decided what fish you wish to buy, all you have to do is put the egg into your fish tank and start raising your fish from there. I am not really good with fish, so I could not really tell the difference really, only thing I know about fish is when it is on my plate cooked and ready to eat.

As a responsible owner (like me), you will need to feed your fish from time to time, but good thing about virtual pet compare to the real thing. They can not DIE! I was like … have not touched this games like over a month and my fish is still swimming around in the fish tank after I decide to log in (See I told you I am a bad owner).

Next thing you must know, like a real fish, the game starts you off with a baby fish, from there you will have to nurture your fish to adulthood. Sound easy? It actually is! All you have to do is to remember to feed your fish and make them happy. If you are kind of curious how long your fish is going to go from baby to adulthood, just put your mouse pointer over it and you will be able to see the status bar.

If you get bored of seeing the same old fish, you can either tap on the glass to make your fish swim around the tank (Just for fun) or you can sell them off and get a new fish and start from beginning again. Best part of this game is that you can even name your fish after your best friends.

Last but not least, decorations! Once in awhile when you have enough cash to spend, you can always drop by the local pet shop and do a bit of shopping. Things like plants, rocks, corals are all available with the right amount of cash in hand. This is where you really makes a difference in your aquarium and compare them to your friends.


FishVille is a very beautiful simulator as all the fishes look colorful and attractive. Even when I am actually a cat person (I personally have a cat in my house), I like how my aquarium turns out. At least I do not have to be freak out when my cat try to reach for my virtual fishes.


Funky music is all I can say and once it gets into your head, you might like to turn the music off. I would leave the sound FX on, hearing the sound of bubbles and fishes is kind of relaxing really.


Really this is not much of a game, it is a Pet simulator. For those who love to keep fish, but afraid to invest your time and money into it then Fishville is for you. If you are looking for adventure or some other simulators, then I would suggest avoiding this game.

Personally I score this game / simulator 3 out of 5.

Source by Mabel Lee