The making and giving out of birthday party invitations isn’t an easy matter. There’s a lot of planning that you need to put into it.

The very first thing you need to know about birthday party invitations is that you can give out readymade invitations (where you simply need to fill up the details), or make them yourself. Generally, parents like to give out readymade invitations because they save time and effort, but if you have more time on your hands and if you want the invitation cards for the little guests to follow the specific theme of the party that you might have chosen, and then you could do that as well.

The basic details that you must include in a birthday party invitation are whose birthday the kid is being invited for, the date the party will be held, and the time and venue. If it is going to be an outdoor party, make that clear as parents might want to send their kids with an extra sweater or perhaps a raincoat – or something of that sort. If the party will include a special activity like swimming or even outdoor games, then make that clear as well so that parents can send the necessary special equipment with their kids, like swimming costumes, for example.

The invitation cards should also include an RSVP – which is French for “respondez sil vous plait” – meaning, “please respond”. To be on the safe side, you can include a name and number of the person whom you would like the responses to come to. You could put in an “RSVP regrets only” – which means that you assume that everyone is coming, except for the ones who call up and say otherwise.

Invitation handling for a child’s birthday party isn’t that difficult, but with the right planning and commitment, you can make it much easier.

Source by Kathy Mercado