While most travelers associate Halong Bay with water activities, there are many other experiences that can be enjoyed during a trip on the bay. Not only will visitors be able to swim, canoe and kayak in the water, but they will also be able to hike, walk and tour different islands. Here are some ideas to help you get the most out of your hiking expeditions.

Where to Go

There are many places where you can enjoy lengthy treks and invigorating hikes around Halong Bay. Many of the islands are perfect for sightseeing on foot, and they offer beautiful views of forests, wildlife and the bay. One of the most popular places for hiking or backpacking is Cat Ba Island. This island has the National Park that is famous for its wildlife and flora, and many visitors can spend a day or more exploring it. Ban Sen Island is another popular stop for hikers and has an amazing view.

What to Expect

In some cases, you will be allowed to explore the area on your own. In other cases, you will need to take a guided tour. This is especially true if you want to take a jungle tour of Cat Ba Island. There are both short and long tours available, so you will need to schedule yours according to your tour group’s itinerary. The longer tour can take as long as six hours, so this tour is best if your tour of Halong Bay stretches across multiple days.

What to Take

Wear hiking boots for your trek across the islands. Their no skid soles are also good for keeping your footing on slippery boat decks. Take a patch of moleskin to add to your shoes if blisters start to form. Keep a backpack full of snacks, water, bug repellent and a camera. You will want to capture all of the beautiful sights as you hike, and a waterproof camera will do double duty on the island and in the water. You should also wear layers of clothing so that you can remove or add clothing as necessary. A first aid kit is also handy for any scrapes or cuts that you get as you hike.

A cruise on Halong Bay will offer you a great view of all of the beautiful islands and mountains in the area, but you won’t be limited to swimming and cave adventures. Broaden your horizons by scheduling a hiking expedition into your schedule, and you will get to see even more of what makes Halong Bay such a wonderful travel destination.

Source by Judth Schwanke