Picture this. You are stuck at home knee deep in household

chores. Your mind wanders from taking out the trash to hiking

on a scenic trail with heart pumping terrain. You are an avid

hiker and yearn to strap on your hiking gear and hit the trails.

Unfortunately, a hiking trail adventure is not in the cards for

you today, but you can find the next best thing by logging onto

your computer.

The Internet is filled with interesting websites dedicated to

hiking and outdoor sports. Many hiking websites are packed with

information about hiking gear, trails, and hiking vacation.

However, you want more then just basic information. You desire

to connect with other hikers. You are hungry for more

information, experience, and the friendship of other hikers.

Seek no further than hiking discussion boards and forums on the

Internet. You can swap hiking stories with pals from around the

globe. Discussion boards and forums allow you to ask hiking

questions and receive many insightful answers and perspectives.

Most importantly, you will feel a part of the hiking community

even when you are unable to make it out to the trails.

There are a myriad of hiking discussion boards and forums to

participate in. New forums pop up everyday as more and more

people link up to the global community on the Internet. Some

discussion boards and forums are free while others require a

small fee. The key is to take advantage of the personalized

forums and learn from fellow hikers. Often times you will hear

the “true” story regarding hiking gear, trails, and vacations.

For example, you are interested in taking a hiking trip out

West. You’ve scanned through different websites for

information, but you want an insider’s guide to the trip. Read

through discussion boards as many forum members can provide an

unbiased account of their trip as opposed to a hiking

advertisement that depicts the hiking vacation as spectacular.

The “true” story may not always be negative, in fact it may be

better then advertisements claim. You can also garner tips from

the discussion board to make your hiking adventure the best it

can be.

Following are two hiking message boards to get you started.

Mountain Zone.com:

http://forums.mountainzone.com/mz_tools/forum/ This

information intensive website about hiking and other outdoor

sports has a great discussion board. The two main topics of the

discussion board are hiking and gear. If you go into the hiking

forum you will discover topics ranging from snowboarding to

hiking trails. You are allowed to post a message to the boards

once you create a free user name and password.


[http://trailplace.com/portal/forum_display.php?id=6] This is an

Appalachian Trail resource site. Discuss everything you’ll need

when hiking the trail. They also present a forum for hiking in

general. The message boards are used frequently and will supply

you with ample information.

You can still feel connected to the hiking world even when you

are sitting in your living room. Keep yourself current on

hiking news, trails, and gear. The Internet brings hikers from

every region of the world together. Join in the fun and log on

to your computer right now.

Source by Monica Marty