One of the best kids summer activities is to take them swimming. The local pool will have many activities that your children can participate in. A lot of pools set up summer activities that kids will enjoy. They do not just have open swim the whole time. The activities can vary from water basketball to synchronized swimming and water games such as Marco Polo. There are usually a wide variety of activities for all ages of swimmers. Depending on your local pool there may be slides or diving boards. Some pools even do ice cream socials and sometimes snack times. While your kids are swimming you could read a book or work on your tan.

The reason why swimming is one of the best kids summer activities is because it is great exercise. Your kids will be having so much fun playing in the pool they will not even notice how much exercise they are actually doing. Swimming also teaches children a great life skill that they can use later on in their lives. You never know when an emergency may arise that swimming skills will come in handy. They may also choose to be a lifeguard as a part time job in their older years. All of the time they spent swimming will help them accomplish this. Being a lifeguard can be a great part time job all the way through college as well.

They could even give swim lessons at some of the pools with the experience.

If your kids do not know how to swim taking them to the pool can still be a great option. Most swimming pools offer lessons that range from beginner to intermediate swimmers. So whether your child can barely swim or not at all there will be a class for them. The best kids summer activities are ones that combine many things. Combining exercise with fun and learning new skills is definitely a good activity. You can be confident that your kids are exercising and working on their swimming skills and they will be having a ton of fun doing it. Swimming is also a great activity for the whole family. While you are there with the kids you can check and see if they have any scheduled that you may like to do. You can exercise and keep the kids entertained at the same time. Plus there may be activities that you can both do together.

Source by Jose Perez