Michael Phelps can be known by no other name, "The Golden Boy". He began as a 15 year old competitiveness in the 2000 olympics in Sydney. He placed 5th in the 200m Butterfly and returned one year later later to break the World Record in the event. From that point on, he must have done a record breaking bug because he has not stopped since.

This 23 year old Olympian has just shattered the highest expectations anyone could have of him. Winning his 10th Olympic Gold in the 400 meter Butterfly, and in a style only Phelps can accomplish by breaking the world record, again. Every victory in the 2008 Olympics that Phelps has had, he has shattered the previous world records. Usually already set by him.

Not only has Michael just become the best Olympian in Olympic history, but because he is only 23 years old he plans on continuing his Olympic reign by competitiveness in the 2012 Summer Games in London, after which, he says, he will be done He now has his eyes set on breaking another record set by this rate it may be another few thousand years before anyone in any event can become the new greatest Olympian.

He is a true champion of champions and there is still more to come from this bright young star. After 2012 games in London, Phelps will stand alone with more titles, more records, and more history breaking stories than any athlete in history. Now that history is made, no one will be able to talk about swimming without bringing up the name 'Michael Phelps'.

Source by John Mealer