Most boys grow up watching, playing, and loving sports. In some neighborhoods, it’s basketball after school. Other places, its football in the vacant lot or baseball games at the park. Track and field, soccer, skateboarding, surfing, swimming, wrestling, and all kinds of other sports consume the after-school hours of generations of kids. The memories made in these games remain vibrant for the rest of their lives.

As they go from grade school to middle school and high school, many young men aspire to be professional athletes. They train doggedly, ruggedly, and in all kinds of weather, learning to do their best in tough competition. Parents attend the games, cheering like it’s the Superbowl. Out of all the boys giving it their best shot, only a few will make it, but everyone learns how to win, how to lose, and how to play the game.

In college, and as a working adult, playing sports may take up less time, but watching the games is a huge deal, whether you’re tailgating at the arena with hundreds of other people, or spending hours creating the perfect chili, dips, and finger foods for a giant party at your house.

Later on, as retirees and senior citizens, these same adults will teach their grandchildren the rules of the game, flipping on the television and settling back in their easy chairs. A new generation of kids will watch with wide eyes as the athlete, more like a superhero than a human being, wins the game for the cheering team. Then they’ll go out and relive the glory on the playground with their friends, feeling larger than life.

Sports are a big contributor to quality of life for a lot of men, even though they don’t get much time to play. Careers, relationships, and family obligations take up a lot of time. Still, you don’t have to leave your love of the game out of sight.You can take it with you everywhere, from a casual lunch to your most important meeting.

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Source by Katharine Thorpe