What Is Prostate Stimulator – Prostate Massager

For all those gentlemen who doesn’t shy away from backdoors, the prostate massager is like a must-have sex toy. When I heard about prostate massager the first time, I was like it sounds fun. But the problem is I am skeptical before trying anything new. And there is not much information about prostate stimulator which is also known as prostate Massager, Anal dildo or P-Spot massager. Therefore I went to the holy internet to find my answers and here they are.

So what is prostate stimulator or massager? A prostate stimulator is designed according to man’s anatomy to reach your prostate with ease. It gives light to medium simulations to a prostate gland which can lead to a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Simulations you feel are more intense and focussed which last much longer.

Keep reading to learn more about the prostate massager

How to use prostate stimulator?

A prostate stimulator is inserted through your rectum to reach your prostate gland. It is an easy process even for those who have never tried anal before. Just remember always to use a lot of lube because anal cannot self-lubricate. It makes it much easier if you start with small and then gradually increase to find your best size.

The prostate gland is located toward the front of the body, anterior side. For beginners, the index finger can just work fine to locate and understand the pressure which you enjoy. But after that certainly, you should think about buying a good prostate massager.

Steps for having an awesome prostate massage.

Take your time: Prostate massage is nothing like jerking off. It is a long but more pleasurable experience. The sensations you get with the prostate vibrator can be more intense and last much longer. Some MEN even have multiple orgasms with this. Yea men can have multiple orgasms too. Best is to spare 1 or 2 hours when you are planning to indulge in it.

Get into the mood: Nobody wants any distraction when he is enjoying sensations. So best is to be alone at home. Take a nice long hot shower & don’t forget to clean your ass. A nice hot shower will help you to relax your body not to mention will save you from surprise what comes with your finger or prostate stimulator after.

In the bed: After you get all cleaned up and locked the door, its time to get in the bed. But wait doesn’t forget to take lubes, your toys, some towels, and water bottle. You will be in bed for the next hour or two and the last thing want to do is to get up and spoil your session. If you put some soothing music behind then it would be nice too.

Let the action begin: Now its time for playing. first things first find your position there are multiple positions to choose from. Pick anyone in which you are most comfortable and easy to reach your behind. You should able to easily insert your finger or Prostate Stimulator without tiring yourself.

  • Start by gently rubbing your self.
  • Apply a good amount of lube in your rectum & prostate massager.
  • Start with your finger to loosen up your hole.
  • Put your index finger inside your rectum while having a hand between your legs. When you are 2nd 3rd knuckle inside feel around a bit. Now try to feel the pressure it may seem weird at 1st but after time you will learn how intense and pleasurable these sensations are.
  • Now when you finally found your spot you can start enjoying be massaging gently.

How do prostate orgasms feel like?

Having a prostate orgasm is one of the best feelings maybe that’s why it is called as Men G-spot. But how do you experience all those simulations?

  • Whether with your prostate massager or with finger first stage is when you put them in your anus. You start stimulating your prostate gland slowly and gently. Please don’t forget those Lubes.
  • The second stage is when you start experience contractions. These are like mild contractions in a sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. You will also notice mild fullness sensation in your rectum & area around.
  • Buildup: In this stage, you will feel like your contractions are becoming more intense. You will feel an increase in tension in your prostate gland.
  • Almost there: In this stage, you will start noticing your pelvic area is trembling. For some men, this is a stage where they get hard too. But remember you didn’t prepare your self just to jerk off. Try to enjoy those feeling because something big is about to come.
  • And finally your P-spot orgasm. You will feel orgasm which is nothing like a penile orgasm. It is much more intense and pleasurable. The best part is you don’t have to stop, go on as long as you are comfortable.

Why have a prostate massage

Apart from the fact that prostate massage can give you intense simulation and pleasure & capable to give you multiple orgasms. It is also used for medical or therapeutic reasons. There are not enough studies to support this but still many men have benefitted from the following:

Painful ejaculation

Prostate massage might eliminate painful ejaculation. This is a condition when a person experiences pain or discomfort while ejaculating. With this massage, it is possible to ease fluid blockages in the reproductive system

Erectile dysfunction

Modern treatment for ED like medications, pumps, and implants available. Some men still like to use prostate stimulator along with them.


Until the use of antibiotics and more specialized treatment, prostate massage was the important treatment of prostatitis.

Urine flow

The prostate is around the urethra. With the inflation or swelling in the prostate, it has chances of affecting your urine flow. With prostate massage, there is a chance to eliminate those inflations and have improved urine flow.


If you want to have a prostate massage for medical perspective then probably this is not a good idea. Buying prostate simulator and trying your self might complicate things and will definitely not as effective as doctor advice.

On the other hand, if you are for fun and want to experience best orgasm (even multiple) doe men then definitely go for it. Just remember always start slow and with a lot of lubes. Enjoy those backdoors. By the way, don’t forget to check this Butt plug guide.

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